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FAQ's - Radar

- What is the 'radar' view?
Radar View is a feature of Letstrack app to find the people in your contact lists nearby.

In Radar view, you can see the people in the Map view who are using Letstrack and you can locate them in real time. You can actually know the distance that the person is from you right now.
- What is the use of radar view?
As radar view showsthe people in your selected periphery with name, photo and distance from you. You can always know whom to contact or call at the time of need.

Also, you will be able to know the general response time as you actually know the distance of the person from the spot of need.
- Can I see people on radar who are not my friend?
No, In the Radar view you can only see people who are using Letstrack and are into your contact list
- How I can see people in Radar view?
To see the people in Radar view, follow these steps:

Step1: Click on the Letstrack app in your phone

Step2: Please select the 'Letstrack' Option on the bottom-left corner.

Step3: Click 'Radar' at the Bottom of the screen

Step4: Select the distance to know who is nearby
- How to customize the radius of radar view?
Please scroll the button at the bottom of the radar screen right and left to decrease and increase the radius of the radar respectively.
- What does the grid icon on the top right corner of radar screen mean?
When you touch the grid icon, you will see the people and their profiles that are near your location. It will show you the people in your selected periphery with name, photo and distance from you.