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Our Aim

It is an avant-garde location sharing & messaging app and is the best way to not only stay connected to family, friends and teams but also track them and your vehicle(s), pets etc. if the need arises.

We want to remove a set of worries from your everyday life, make you more productive and add value to your already invaluable life. The app will help curb the uncertainty of mishaps and fortify your peace.

Letstrack Business Concept

Our Presence:

Operating in UK

Coming soon in...

Letstrack Nigeria
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Letstrack Sri Lanka
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Tracking Features

What we do :

We work on the premise that by providing you peace of mind, we will be making your life safer, happier & more productive.
Letstrack was developed to serve all our needs of feeling secure and safe, inside our homes and outside. We have a wholesome approach and understand the need of communication; that's why we have added a very important feature missing from almost all other tracking apps;

An Instant Messaging Service! This helps you communicate with your fellow trackers and increases productivity and Fun! Letstrack is the first in the world to integrate so many features all packed in a free app. If that wasn't enough, we have a web based portal as well and with a nominal fee you can control your sales force, track your product deliveries, and even get weekly or monthly reports.

We aren't done yet! We also have several tracking devices that can be used to track the elderly, children, vehicles and almost anything that you might find valuable, by attaching a simple device to it!
Letstrack App And Device


Our Vision & Purpose :

Letstrack's vision is to help make the world safer, happier and more productive. This is our enduring cause; our higher purpose.

"The precondition to freedom is security!"

That is exactly what we are saying! Secure yourself, your family and assets. Feel the freedom you get from knowing the well being and whereabouts of all that you care about. Be safer, happier and more productive.

Go, track away!
Letstrack Our Vision And Purpose