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Vikram Kumar

(Managing Director)

A pragmatic and positive man, Vikram has a vast experience in setting up businesses ranging from telecom consultancy, Software development and establishing national distribution at various retail chains. He is best known for setting up MVNO's in the UK Market and developing them as an international brand. His rich experience and in-depth understanding about marketing communications and recruitment are the driving forces behind his successful ventures.

A very benevolent tenacity to bring about a revolutionary change in how safety should be perceived and dealt with made Vikram conceptualize Letstrack. Vikram is a people's person. Extremely popular and influential, his command across hierarchy and his instinctive ability to identify and nurture talents makes him a great leader. We are sure that under his able guidanceand his pronounced market insight and vision and, Letstrack will transform the lives of all.

James Arthur

James Arthur

James has an in-depth knowledge about creating business and a background of 10+ years. He also has an expertise in the overseas education industry particularly in the markets of United Kingdom.

He is a family man with an extremely friendly nature and the right attitude! He makes working in a team a real pleasure and everyone looks forward to their interactions with him!

Victor Ferdinandi

Victor Ferdinandi
Group Budgeting & Taxation Partner

Having spent 30 years in various Multi-National Corporations, including industries such as Refrigeration /Air Conditioning, Security and Gaming as their finance director. We have brought him onboard to have him share his wisdom and chaperon Letsrak in the very dynamic industry. He now heads our finance department and we could not be more assured. He oversees budgeting, management accounting and financial procedures.

He is a real charmer and has a great insight. He makes the hard things look easy, and makes us look very good!

Mark Odenore

Mark Odenore
Partner EMEA Operation Strategy & Business Development

Mark Odenore started his career in Housing and is the former Director of Housing for Hornsey North London YMCA. His determination and drive saw him make tremendous impact in the housing sector before he left to start his own company and has since invested and co-founded several other companies. He has a rich experience of over 10 years in various fields and understands the nuances of starting a business from scratch.

Mark is a serial entrepreneur and the definition of a free spirit! Always thinking out of the box, always getting more creative, but his biggest strength is that he is adaptable. He learns and reacts quickly adding a lot of depth to our team. He is the flag bearer for Letstrack in Africa and The Middle East.

Gary Ferdinandi

Mr. Puneet Sharma

Puneet has vast experience of 13+ years in Software Development and Deployment, he is extremely popular and influential, his command across IT hierarchy and his instinctive ability to identify and nurture talents in IT make him a great leader.

Kumar Ranjan

Rachitta Juneja
Global Brand Partner

Rachitta has vast experience of handling illustrious global brands across various markets. Sowing and nurturing Start-ups, new ideas and initiatives with fellow entrepreneurs has been her passion, winning her accolades for developing successful brands out of each initiative. She is the Brand & Marketing lighthouse of the group prepared to take the market by surprise.