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BASIC for Three Wheelers tracking device is not limited to bikes only. BASIC for Three Wheelers GPS tracker can be used for any three wheelers auto-rickshaw etc. The crucial idea of the Letstrack vehicle tracking system is to ensure the safety of all its customers. The GPS tracking app for the bike has to be installed by the individual who will track and monitor the concerned person’s location.


Tracking all the 3-wheelers was never so easy. Track your auto driver who drives a three wheeler with GPS trackers. Safety with ease is always assured at Letstrack! Monitor the real-time location of 3 wheelers with Letstrack with the Letstrack app.


Without any extra installation charges, this device is installed to the battery of the three wheeler. This GPS tracking device has power back up for extra power hours after being unplugged from the battery. With the use of such battery, this device becomes portable to use and easy to keep.


Tracking of three wheelers becomes so easy with the use of Letstrack BASIC for Three Wheelers tracking device. You just want to protect your assets and you can do it with Letstrack.

Parking Notification

Being a key feature, Parking Notification lets you log the stationary location of your device. If anyone by any chance changes the position of your 3 wheelers than this device notifies you. Further, it helps you to track your vehicle by creating a specific predefined zone alert which lets you track your vehicle when it enters and exits the predefined zone.

Real Time Tracking

Track your vehicle with the real-time tracking of Letstrack tracking devices. This feature enables you to track in the present time with exact location instantly.

Zone Alerts

Letstrack tracking app enables you to create zones for tracking your three wheeler. It alerts you every time the concerned person enters/exits the designated area.

Speed Alerts

Set your own speed limits and get alerts whenever it reaches maximum. You can benefit from this feature from the Letstrack tracking app. Get alerts instantly and track your vehicle.

24 Hour History

Do not have time to track vehicle in real-time? Then check all the missed out on just a single screen and never worry about them again.

One Year Warranty

With the understanding of our customers’ worries, we at Letstrack also understand their needs, so we accordingly provide a one year warranty. We strongly recommend that these devices are professionally fitted by one of our own fully trained fitters to offer the best reliability.

Global Applicability!!

The use of this device is global. Irrespective of your location you can track all your employees or your loved ones wherever you may be! You can even track your employees, colleagues and all your loved ones. This device connects to a smartphone which in turn helps to track the location of the device. Track them irrespective of their position as well as your location.

Weightless and Discreet!!

When we say easy to use, easy to keep, we mean it. With hardly any weight, Letstrack devices are easy to keep in a bag, pocket or fastened with belt.

History Check!!

Keep an eye on all the history of your tracking devices. With the feature of storing 24 hours history, you can track those in just one go.

BASIC for Three Wheelers Specification

GPS Receiver : Yes


Dimension ( L X W X H ) MM : 90 X 45 X 13.6


Storage Temprature: -30°C ~ 70°C Operating Temperature -30°C ~ 70°


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