Letstrack TAG Mini GPS Tracker for Headphones, Glasses, Wallets



Letstrack TAG mini is an intelligent Bluetooth device that you can attach to your small things using the included strap or self-adhesive mounting disc. With TAGs you can protect your valuable assets, get instant alerts if you leave things behind, and even ask our community for help finding things you have lost. From remote controls to wallets and headphones to pets, Letstrack TAG is your very own security guard, by your side, everywhere.

Find Your Belongings

Letstrack is an intuitive app which helps you to locate your device and puts an end to constantly searching for your things. you can ring the device by clicking “Play Sound” in the app and your TAG will start ringing if it’s in range. Not in range? No problem with our lost and found community feature.

Separation Alert

With our separation alert feature, you will be notified instantly if one of your TAGs and your phone move out of range of each other, minimising the chances of you leaving anything valuable behind. It’s like finding something before you even lose it!


When you need to take a photo but nobody is there to help get that unforgettable shot, simply use your TAG button to take the photo by clicking the button when you're ready.


Letstrack TAG has a 98 decibel melody


This tag is powered with 75mAH battery which could last up to 6-8 months.

Find Your Phone

Can’t find your phone? Simply press and hold the button on your TAG for 3 seconds and your phone will start to ring.

Lost & Found Community

If you can't find your TAG, you can anonymously ask for help to track it down using Letstrack's vast community. If you set your device to lost, when another Letstrack user moves within range of your TAG their phone will connect to it and send a location ping to you. The other user cannot see your TAG on their phone, but have told you it’s live location without even knowing. A completely seamless and private process where the Letstrack community can help each other.


This is device is enabled with Bluetooth BLE 4.0 which optimises battery life for maximum device life span.

One Year Warranty

With the understanding of our customers’ worries, we at Letstrack also understand their needs, so we accordingly provide a one year warranty. We strongly recommend that these devices are professionally fitted by one of our own fully trained fitters to offer the best reliability.

Global Applicability!!

The use of this device is global. Irrespective of your location you can track all your employees or your loved ones wherever you may be! You can even track your employees, colleagues and all your loved ones. This device connects to a smartphone which in turn helps to track the location of the device. Track them irrespective of their position as well as your location.

Weightless and Discreet!!

When we say easy to use, easy to keep, we mean it. With hardly any weight, Letstrack devices are easy to keep in a bag, pocket or fastened with belt.

History Check!!

Keep an eye on all the history of your tracking devices. With the feature of storing 24 hours history, you can track those in just one go.

TAG-Mini for Valuables Specification

Bluetooth : BLE 4.0


Dimension ( L X W X H ) MM : 24 X 35 X 5.6


Battery : CR2032 (75mAH)
Battery Backup:- 6-8 Months.


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